Admission Process

Doggy Daycare is a high-energy and fun environment. We provide our furry visitors enrichment, stimulation and socialisation throughout their stay.So to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our much loved dogs, prior to commencing attendance at Furry Beach Bums, we will conduct an assessment of your dog’s temperament. They are typically run over the course of 4 hours.

Man assessing dog for admission process at doggy daycare

For the sake of allowing your dog to gently settle in to their new environment, assessments are best carried out bright and early at 7am, prior to the morning rush of bouncy pooches ready for a big day.

During their assessment, we will closely observe behaviour and body language to determine suitability to attend Furry Beach Bums.

We want nothing more than for all our dogs to have a great time under our care, so rest assured we will be honest and upfront about whether your special friend has enjoyed their experience with us.

During their assessment, we will evaluate the following:

  • Confidence and engagement in a new environment.
  • Handling from humans.
  • Interaction from humans with treats and toys.
  • Review of basic obedience.
  • Confidence, tolerance, play style, and social skills during 1:1 interactions with dogs of different sizes.
  • Confidence, tolerance, play style, and social skills in a group setting.
  • Sharing of toys and treats with other dogs.
  • Ability to settle with food-based enrichment.

Upon completion of the assessment, our trainers will take the time to discuss with you how your dog’s interactions were and whether they will be a good fit for daycare.We will always do our best to accommodate all dogs, however, safety always remains our number one priority. If there is anything we can recommend to prepare your pooch for an environment like doggy daycare, we are always happy to discuss your options with you. 

Three dogs playing outdoors as part of behavioral assessment of doggy daycare

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