Our Approach

Here at Furry Beach Bums, we ensure our approach to monitoring and managing your dog is supported by the latest research in dog behaviour.

That is why we ensure all of our interactions with your dog will be undertaken with the utmost respect, care and compassion.

We believe in a fear-free approach and regularly train and upskill our staff through our memberships with Professional Pet Guild Australia and Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia to ensure we are upholding the guiding principles of our governing bodies.

Confidence is the core of a happy dog, and we believe confidence is achieved through consistent positive reinforcement-based training and management. Research has proven time and time again that using aversive techniques carries a heavy risk of fallout, including a decrease in confidence, negative associations, increase of undesirable behaviours, aggression, and unpredictable relationships with humans.

We are passionate about motivating your dog by means of building positive associations and reinforcing positive behaviours, and will endeavour to ensure Furry Beach Bums is a safe and enjoyable space for everyone.

Furry Beach Bums Professional Memberships

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